Desktops and Motivation

Finding sustaining motivation can be a difficult, especially when you are considering doing something new. There may have been a moment of clarity that opened your eyes to consider something new. Maybe you have been unhappy or unsettled for a while, or maybe the Universe has been nudging you to look at some different options recently.

Either way, change is frightening. And if where you are isn’t “that bad,” you may not feel the need to move. I’ve dealt with it this long, you reason, telling yourself that there might be worse out there. I have talked to countless people who settle because it’s easier and because the fear of the unknown makes taking the risk seem foolish.

And even if I do feel like I want to take some steps, how do I get there? How do I find the drive to keep going, especially when it doesn’t seem to make sense or when your moves aren’t translating into immediate results?

One of the books that I am reading talks about creating visual reminders to remind you of what you need to do. I created one such for a client’s computer desktop (what do we look at more than our screens?), and the image is below.

[Shout out to the Original Art used in this desktop reminder.]

Something that simple can be a visible reminder of what needs to be done. So when you’re switching between programs, or you’re going to pull up Facebook to waste some time, you can be redirected back to the path of your dreams and a more fulfilled life.


If you would like one done for you, email me at, and we can talk about what you’d like and how to create a personalized piece for you.


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