Conscious Dreams and Living Nightmares

When was the last time you took a few moments to dream?

I’m not talking about the stuff that happens at night when tv shows, your subconscious, and the food you ate play hockey with your mind. I had a dream about helping some people hide a body last night, and I don’t think I’ll be doing anything like that today.

No, what I’m talking about is letting your imagination break free for a bit, picturing a life that would be yours if all things were possible, if you had that dream job, if you could feel perfectly fulfilled.

As my partner reminded me in a conversation yesterday, unless you can find that internal sense of purpose and life that fulfills you, nothing else will do it. Not a good job, not the right salary, not a  romantic relationship or a friendship, not a baby, not a house or car, nothing. Those might be nice added bonuses, but they will never be able to bring any sort of last fulfillment, especially since all of those things can be lost.

The example she gave for what fulfills her is the drive to help people and really make a difference. She may have had some twists in turns as to what that really looks like, and it’s still not 100% clear, but she knows without a doubt that her life purpose is centered around bringing about real change.

It took her a lot of dreaming and a lot of risk taking to get to that point. She’s had to tear up labels and destroy boxes, even of her own making, to get to this point.

So what do YOU dream about? When you were a kid, what did you see yourself doing? When you feel the most joy and inner strength, what are you doing? When you are doing something that no one would ever have to pay you to do, what is it?

What makes up the landscape of your heart and soul? What do you value above all else? What brings you a sense of passion?

There are no wrong answers. While not everything will be a career option, there is more to life than a career. Even if you find fulfillment in something that is not your job, it can make a difference in the way you work and the rest of your life.

I’m about to go on lunch. I’m going to take some time outside to listen to soothing music, write, reflect, and open my mind to possibilities. Even if I pick out only 2 things to apply to my life, there can be some real freedom in looking at options. Freedom is really about being able to choose some thing or another. So look at and throw out a million big crazy things, and look for the glimmers of life that can resonate in real life.

Don’t let your life become a nightmare.


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