The Paralysis of Passion

Most people who do motivational work or goal work will tell you that the key to figure out what to do with your life is to “follow your passion.”

But what really is this passion thing? I mean, how do you know what can make a vocational passion? If I’m passionate about 8 different things, which do I follow? Can I do them all?

If I try to live out a passion and fail, was I really passionate? And what will I be left with after that?

What if I don’t have 1 driving passion? What if it changes or evolves as I do through my life?

Honestly, for some people, having 1 passion that overrides all is the best thing for them. It gives them reason to wake up and go to bed, to work 3 jobs in order to position themselves financially and otherwise for what they ultimately want to do.

There are also those, like a woman I met, whose passions had changed several times over her working life. She had acquired at least 4 degrees in different areas and worked as a teacher, an artist, a businesswoman, and was now venturing into coaching and entrepreneurship. For her, curiosity has been her driving force, and she pursued what she desired until she got curious about something else. She had been very successful, and she said she felt fulfilled having pursued multiple dreams and lived many of them thus far.

The point is that there is not a One Size Fits All approach to how we should live our lives. Trying to do what some people suggest may not work for you, and that is okay. Don’t feel like you don’t have a purpose if you cannot find a guiding passion or if your passion hasn’t yet led you to where you want to go.

Take the time to figure out how you are wired. And if you need some assistance with that, one of the Empowerment Partners at ARTaylor LLC can help.



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