Positive Vibes Contest

Today is Cinco de Mayo, a day that Mexico celebrates overcoming the odds and gaining their independence.

To honor this day and to bring more love and positive inspiration to the world, ARTaylor LLC is hosting a Positive Vibes Contest.

Between the deaths of celebrity legends, a rocky political climate, and perpetual hate on the internet and in the world, we decided that it was time to push back. Let’s create a movement of posts that inspire us and others to move forward, grow bigger, stand taller, and overcome in ways that we never thought possible.

It’s easy to get caught up in the gossip and the madness, but what if we used social media to spark a revolution of love and community? Every now and then , we could all use a pick-me-up, so why not create a global one?

So, here’s how it goes.

  • Create a positive post. This can be a picture, a quotation, a story, a video, anything that brings you hope or a smile or some kind of positive feeling.
  • Like/Follow ARTaylor LLC on which social media site you desire – Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (ARTaylorLLC1).
  • Tag ARTaylor LLC
  • Use the #NavigateARTfully

That’s it! And because it’s a contest, there are 4 top prizes:

  1. A $25 gift card to Staples – as a way to help you start or grow your business… or just touch up your office.
  2. A $25 gift card to Regal Cinema – because everyone needs some Me Time
  3. A free coaching session, courtesy of ARTaylor LLC – because everyone has an area of life where they could use a little boost
  4. A free 30-minute photography session, courtesy of Hidden Exposure Photography – because life is too short not to capture the moments

So, share with your friends, start posting awesome start, and you could win one of these great prizes. Who doesn’t like free stuff? And if you can motivate others along the way, why not?!



Photo courtesy of Affirm Your Life Blog

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