A Different Version of Me

Authenticity – one of the core values of ARTaylor LLC.

We believe that it’s impossible to grow and evolve without understanding one’s current, authentic position. Just like the GPS requires a starting position in order to guide you to your destination, so too does goal setting and moving forward require an accurate starting place.

Yet, as change in position occurs, it is necessary to evolve with the different positions. Back to the driving example, some roads have different speed limits. You might want to do 70 on every road, but the practical implications and legislative processes in place will make that a dangerous and potentially costly decision.

So as I reflected on the post from Hill Harper’s Facebook, I realized that while it is essential to be me all the time, sometimes what I understand as “me” has to be tempered given certain situations. Or the “me” that I’ve grown accustomed to must evolve in order to thrive in different places.

I was recently blessed with a new job that requires half the hours as my previous job. My mindset was yes! more free time! more time to work my business and do more of the things that I want to do! But if I’m honest, my laid-back personality, combined with the fact that I was so used to working when I was at work for all those hours, then coming home to chill, made it difficult to focus initially.

So, while I am still a laid-back individual, I have to shift my focus and my priorities to enable me to make the most of this time. Being an entrepreneur requires a lot of public work from a private person, but what I have learned is that I have to bring my strengths to make my calling work for me in my own way.

What do you need to do on an internal level to prepare for where you want to go? Do you have any old, comfortable mindsets that need to be shifted for you to progress? How can your authenticity mature in a way that suits you and doesn’t hold you back as you move into new ventures?


Be you… just a better, more awake you.


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