The Titanic

Most people have some kind of big dream. It is larger than life, and when we think about it, we feel a storm of emotions ranging from fear to excitement to desire to inadequacy.

When I saw the featured picture for the post, I think about the fact that most people only see the tip of the iceberg – the shiny, glistening bump above the water. We think that, with a little work, we can overcome it.

But the reality is that the real power of the iceberg isn’t visible to the casual observer. As an entrepreneur myself, I can admit that I have been guilty of watching other people and feeling like it would be “fairly simple” to start a business. I mean, create a Facebook page, a couple ads, and some business cards, and I’d be set.

Soon, I was floating along in the Ocean of Entrepreneurship, and I bumped pretty hard into this massive reality check. It hurt, and I have since had moments of doubt. But I have also taken a more practical stance in regard to this dream and others that I have.

This is not to say that your dreams, whatever they may be, are impossible or that you should dock your ship and call it a day. What I am saying is that there is a lot that goes into what you are pursuing. Don’t let the glitter of success fool you, but don’t let the difficulty of theach journey deter you.

And, of course, ARTaylor LLC is here for you. Whether it’s business help, some personal direction, a paper that needs editing, or a sister circle in need of guidance, we are here to help. Your dreams are worth too much to end up at the bottom of the sea.


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