Hell Froze Over and Gave Me a Job

For many people in the United States (over half the country according to the Popular Vote), the news of Donald Trump being elected as the next president of the country is anything but welcome. Protests and bouts of depression, fear, and frustration paint the emotional landscape of many since it was announced. It seems like the impossible and improbable has happened, leaving us both shocked and not shocked as we really look at this country and its sordid history.

People of numerous minority groups were threatened or insulted in some way during Trump’s candidacy, and those same people fear the repercussions of his presidency and leadership. Even if he had not won, many argue that his campaign and influence would bring out the racism, sexism, xenophobia, homophobia, and other bigotries that were no longer welcome in “polite” conversation and society. Now that he has been selected as the political leader of the country, there is a pervading concern that he will try to legalize this bigotry, working with his conservative Senate to undo the social progress of the last 8 years and beyond.

But this blog is not about Donald Trump, Republicans, or even Hilary Clinton or politics. This is about ME and YOU. I started ARTaylor LLC in order to help people affect change in their lives, whether through business, non-profit, or personal aspects. When I rebranded, I wanted to focus on those communities of which I am a part – black, LGBT, and women.

Now more than ever, it is clear that we have a mission and work to do. This means getting ourselves healthy in all aspects. It means starting businesses and organizations to do the work that our communities need. It means collaborating and taking charge of our local areas. Together, we can make a difference regardless of who is in the White House, the Governor’s Mansion, or any other government position.

I admit that I took yesterday to mourn, because I didn’t think that this country could go in that direction. But today, I am choosing to get up, shower off the grief, put on fresh clothes of determination, and get to work. WE are our greatest asset. If you believe that, join me in working for the change that we actually want to see.

Check out ARTaylor LLC’s Facebook page.
Email me: Alexandria@ARTaylorLLC.com

Let’s get some real change going, and let’s make sure that we lead the charge so that it’s the change that we want.


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