Why I Can’t Be Successful

When I started this company, my aim was to help people. While I was admittedly ignorant to some of the “business stuff” that it would require, I knew that I wanted to make money doing what I love –  helping people to be their best selves. This means doing anything from editing Personal Statements to help people get into school, creating logos for small businesses, teaching a fifth grade student ways of reading and writing that will make her academically successful, and so much more.

Yet, one of the things that challenged me as I launched was having a full-time job. I’m well aware that I am not the first person with a full-time job to start my own business, but in my self-awareness, I recognized that discipline and time management were not skills that ranked high on my personal strength. I have creativity and compassion for days, but ask me to set and stick to a schedule…?  The free-spirited child in me has a proverbial fit, asking for a break every 15 minutes or so to take a walk and have a snack.

So, after close to a year, I was wondering if things would ever open up for my business. I’d gotten a few nibbles, but nothing sustainable. And as I transitioned jobs and dealt with changes in my spouse’s schedule, I felt myself losing hope…. I’d heard the stats that something like 90% of small businesses fail, and I felt that I might get lumped into that category soon.

In a conversation with the Divine, I heard “You can’t be successful until YOU are a success.”

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In theory, I knew that but I needed to be reminded that it is pretty difficult to help others be their best when I was not performing and working at my best. If I am not working to be organized, how can I help others to be? If my motivations are not authentic and passionate, can I inspire others to consider their motives? If I do not actively seek my Center, how can I guide others in finding theirs?

This is not, for me, about New Year’s resolutions or shocking, overnight transformations. I have often found that those are not successful for the long term. What I found does work is Focus, Accountability, Consistency, and Time.

It is a FACT that change is hard. But it’s also a FACT that it’s possible. Invest in yourself, find some good resources to help you, and make your success a FACT.

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