Capital Coaching

Transition is hard. This is especially true when we have gotten comfortable in our routines and begun to settle into life as it is. For good or bad, we can grow accustomed to most anything to the point that it becomes normal. Even if there are inklings of restlessness or discontent, we may ignore that and justify our present space with things like “the bills” or “responsibilities.

I am in no way advocating hopping on the next plane to escape the things that life requires of us. Part of being an adult means weighing what you want with what needs to be done, and this doesn’t always mean that you get to have fun 100% of the time. Even our dream jobs will likely have aspects that we are not completely fond of.

Yet, it is a different thing when you have been in a particular place, and you feel your season ending. We sometimes ignore the signs out of fear, but our gut is liking shouting at us to pay attention and act accordingly.

With that, after conversations with Love and my spouse, after applications and interviews, after sweating, writing, and waiting, a major shift has happened.

ARTaylor LLC has moved to the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) area!

As ARTaylor LLC encourages you to go and grow, we knew that we had to do the same. So, we’re now in the nation’s capital. If you’re in the DMV area and would like to get together for some chatting and coaching, or if you’re interested in any of our other services, contact us!



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