What’s in Your Hand?

As a student of the scriptures, I often reflect on the stories and the principles that they share. One of my favorites is known as the Call Story of Moses. For those unfamiliar, Moses was a Hebrew male born while his people were slaves of Egypt. The pharaoh had decreed that all male children were to be killed, but Moses’ mother puts him in a basket and sends him up the river. The basket was picked up by the pharaoh’s daughter, and Moses was raised in the royal family. As an adult, he learns his true heritage, and when he sees one of the Hebrew people being beaten, he takes revenge and kills the perpetrator.

Fast forward to the mountaintop in the desert where God summoned Moses with a bush that is on fire but not burning up. God tells Moses that the Hebrew folks have suffered long enough and that God was sending Moses to rescue them. Moses, like us, asked a lot of questions and said he couldn’t do it. So God says,

“What is that in your hand?”

Moses, being a shepherd, has a staff, which God moves through supernaturally as part of convincing the Hebrew people that Moses was sent by God. Ultimately, the people were brought out of Egypt by a man with a stick.

So as I was washing my hands and pondering my life today, I thought about where I am and how I’d like to be moving in a different direction in certain areas. I began to doubt my ability to get to where I have in my mind to go.

Then I recalled Moses and God’s question – what’s in your hand? What do you already have that can assist you with where you’re going? No, you may not have used your degree(s) in the last 5 years, but that doesn’t mean that they cannot be relevant going forward.

  • Who did you connect with while in school that might be able to be a current resource?
  • What did you learn about yourself as a student that can push you forward now?
  • What was something you studied that inspired an unexpected passion which might prove useful or even profitable now?

Maybe you learned a skill a long time ago that you don’t use. Maybe you have a natural talent that you don’t use for lack of time. Maybe you have an overwhelming desire because of your story (another thing in your hand) to help others… like another Moses did.

harriet tubman

Taking a personal inventory can help you discover potential gems within yourself. And, as always, if you need some assistance navigating those waters, ARTaylor LLC is always here to assist you.



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